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About Capochino

Rising DJ and producer, Capochino has been brewing a genre-bending sound that has been tipping hats from industry veterans and landing him on the map as an artist to watch out for. From electrifying performances at iconic venues like The Marc, Kingdom Nightclub, Vulcan Gas Company, and The Venue, to sharing stages with respected artists such as Alleycvt, Hairitage, Saymyname, Kompany, Hermitude and Dirty Snatcha, Capochino’s ascent has been nothing short of meteoric. With the backing of influential figures like Mersiv, Levity, Dr. Fresch, and Zingara, multiple tracks getting played at EDC Las Vegas, and his festival debut at Home Bass mainstage, 2024 has proven to be a whirlwind year for this sonic storyteller.

Raised in Monterrey, Mexico and currently based in Austin, Texas, Capochino’s unique soundscapes draw influence from the two cities he calls home. From brooding mid-tempo tracks to bass-heavy anthems, Capochino fearlessly explores a spectrum of sounds and styles. He made a profound impact with his first track of the year, “Woke Symphony,” premiering on Headbang Society, followed by “Untethered Soul” featuring jean, released on Excision’s Subsidia Records. With each release, Capochino doesn’t just deliver music; he invites listeners to embrace their roots and tell their own stories through their unique creative expressions.